Looking for people with something to say!

Let’s get the colour back into Queerism! This awesome blog should be the voice of Ottawa’s queer community, but it’s been perishing lately, and we’re putting a stop to that. So here’s the callout. If you can write, take photos, do video, draw, or anything else, really, we want you!

Not a great writer? No worries, nothing goes live until it’s edited. You’ll look like a pro!

Here are some types of submissions we’re looking for:



If you spend a lot of time in the centre and can write about what is happening, how things work, even the groups or workshop you attend for facilitate, we want to hear from you.


Queer News & Issues

If you’re a budding journalist with a nose for hard news and a head for the issues, send us stories about queer life in our world. The challenges, the successes, even the movie reviews. This is a news section, but opinions are welcome in…


Critically Queer

If you’ve got opinions, this is for you. We’re looking for columnists. So if there’s something you’ve got to say that won’t fit in one blog post, or if you’re an expert on a complex subject, give this a try: choose a column subject or general idea and contribute different opinion pieces on the subject.

Of course, if you just have to get something off your chest and don’t want to be a regular contributor, we still want to hear from you. Write one piece and we won’t hound you for more.


Art & Expression

Calling all artists! If you’re a painter, poet, creative writer, photographer, cinematographers, sculptors (the list goes on and I apologize for skimming over your craft) submit your work in whatever form the internet will allow and we’ll feature it in this section. Show the world how creative we are!


Out on the town

This is for the people who go to every event in Ottawa. Or the people who stay at home and wish they didn’t. Ideally we’ll cover every queer and queer-friendly event that happens in and around the city of Ottawa. We’re looking for a summary of what happened and some photos and video if you’ve got the means.

We’ll also post a list of upcoming events for you to choose from, but if you’re in the know and we’re not, tell us!

Interested? Send an e-mail to communications@ptsottawa.org

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