This week in queer web content // March 12, 2013

Jarrah Hodge analyzes the Government of Quebec’s anti-homophobia ad campaign.

For the first time in her 61-year reign, the Queen of England has expressed soft support for gender equality and gay rights.

A recent study shows that the children of gay couples are thriving.

A woman reflects on growing up gay and atheist in an evangelical community.

An update on the emerging frequency of gender-neutral bathrooms on Canadian university campuses.

Notch discusses the genderless world of Minecraft, and why people assume the default genderless avatar is male.

Tokyo Disney hosted its first gay wedding. Mickey and Minnie were on hand to celebrate, but the government of Japan does not recognize same-sex unions.

[Content note: the article contains excerpts from homophobic entertainment reviews from the 1940s.] Harlem’s iconic Ubangi jazz club — once famous as an anti-segregationist venue, and the home of butch sensation Gladys Bentley and her chorus of gay men —  is being demolished to make room for a new apartment building.

Folks around the web have mixed feelings about the straight student who proposed to his girlfriend during his drag performance in Arkansas, where gay couples cannot yet legally marry.

[Content note: suicide] In a tragic interplay between issues of civil rights, immigration and unemployment, a multi-national gay couple struggled to stay together despite their Canadian marriage not being recognized in France or the United States. After unemployment and the resulting lack of a work visa threatened once again to separate them, both men ended up taking their own lives.


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