This Week in Queer Web Content // March 4, 2013

A man is in custody after Mississippi’s first openly gay mayoral candidate was found murdered and his body dumped alongside a river.

The Canadian International Development Agency has come under fire for funding a religious group to do development work in Uganda — where the interference of North American evangelists has contributed to fostering homophobic sentiment and legislation — despite the fact that the group is publicly opposed to homosexuality. And as it turns out, this is not an uncommon scenario.

Massachusetts high schools are implementing rules to respect the rights of trans students.

Exciting new developments in the story of Batwoman, who was the first lesbian superhero to headline her own mainstream comic book series.

An Emerson College fraternity has raised more than $16000 to help one of their members pay for his top surgery, which highlights the hurdles facing trans people trying to access medical care.

A queer man muses on issues of consent in behaviour between friends.

The New York subway system has experienced a rash of incidents in which anti-gay evangelical preachers lecture crowds of commuters trapped on board. One gay man, though, had clearly had enough.


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