30th Anniversary Community Consultations



In 1984, Pink Triangle Services (PTS) opened its doors as the first GLBT charity in Canada. Since then, rights have been won for some but not for all, discrimination towards youth continues in high schools, and many of our community members need support during the early stages of transition and coming out. These are but a few reasons why a queer-centric community centre remains as important an institution today as it was in its founding.

“PTS is the only organization in Ottawa of, by and for Queer people” says Denise Freedman, President of the Board of Directors. “As we move into our 30th anniversary, I am so proud to be part of an organization that honours its past while understanding the need to respond to the evolution of our community”.

Leading up to the 30th anniversary in 2014, PTS will be engaging the community through a series of focus groups to inform their upcoming strategic plan.

“We have identified a number of groups to help guide us in our strategic planning decisions” says Kris Bitterman, Chair of the PTS Strategic Plan Committee. “The voice of our more silent community members is also very important to us. For that reason participation will be available online through a comprehensive questionnaire.”

As the organization continues to transition from a management board to one that governs the association through policy — one of the organizations stated strategic goals — we identified the need for a formal review of our bylaws.

“Change can be difficult and we want to put the community at ease as much as possible during this transition” says Donald McGibbon, Treasurer and Chair of the PTS Bylaw Committee. “For that reason, we will have our proposed bylaws reviewed by one of Canada’s most established law firms — Fasken Martineau. Our next step is to present the proposed bylaws to members of the community for discussion and input”.

This year also marks the end of the previous three year strategic plan period, one that saw an introduction of new and essential programs like queer-centric counselling, education programming and expanded support and discussion groups. The final piece of the three-year transformation of the organization was achieved in September of 2012, when the organization moved into a larger and brighter space at 331 Cooper Street.

If you would like to be involved in the upcoming community consultations, please register by contacting Kayla at programs@ptsottawa.org or by completing our online survey: http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/pts-ottawa/strategic-planning-process-priorities-1-2-3/

**Please note: due to limited space only those who RSVP may attend**


Stakeholder Group Meeting Time and Location
Volunteers: Monday, March 11, 6-9pm @ PTS
Members: Friday, March 15, 6-9pm @ PTS
Donors: Monday, March 18, 6-9pm @ PTS
Community Partners I: Thursday, March 21, 6-9pm @ PTS
Service Users I: Friday, March 22, 6-9pm @ PTS
Community Partners II: Thursday, March 28, 6-9pm @ PTS
Services Users II: Friday, March 29, 6-9pm @ PTS


Stakeholder Group Meeting Time and Location
Thursday, April 11, 6-9pm @ PTS
Tuesday, April 23, 6-9pm @ PTS


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