Queerism: A Letter From the Editor

Hey there all you sexy queer folks,

I thought I’d take a moment to apologies for the recent lack of…well, content here at Queerism. I’m privileged enough to be a full time student, recently I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the workload that comes along with that, and being able to devote the time that the blog needs to function has been difficult to say the least. The fabulous volunteers and staff at PTS have enough on their plates without trying to find time to create content, and personally I’ve found it near impossible to sit down and formulate enough coherent thoughts to write something of any length myself.

All that being said, I believe the worst of my workload is behind me for the time being, and I’m ready to give more effort to Queerism. I’m working on some new ideas that will hopefully spur a more consistent content stream for the blog.

“One of these ideas is a new little feature called “Quickly Queer”. I’m putting a call out to the PTS community to be a little more on the concise side. Basically, I’m looking for a blurb for between 100-150 words that clearly expresses an idea or stance on an important issue. For instance, here is one that I posted in a recent Facebook status:Currently wondering why folks who talk about specifically gay issues use the initialization “LGBT” or other such forms. If you’re talking about gay issues, then come out and say it. Don’t masquerade under the banner of inclusiveness when you’re not really looking at issues that affect other queer or trans communities. Same goes for the other way. If you’re talking about problems that address more marginalized queer communities or trans communities, acknowledge that by using the appropriate language, be it “queer issues” or “trans issues” or what have you. Calling everything homophobia erases the experiences and nuances of different identities, and it homogenizes both the communities themselves and the problems that they face. We have to properly identify and understand these challenges before they can be addressed.”

It’s that simple. If you can fit it between 100 and 150 words, you could see your blurb on the blog. I’m not sure how the posting schedule will go yet, but something will materialize based on the response I get from you folks.

Please submit your blurbs to queerism@ptsottawa.org. Make the subject line “Quickly Queer” and remember to include your preferred name or moniker, as well as your association with PTS.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have to offer.

–Riley Evans, Head Writer/Editor of Queerism


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