This week in queer web content // October 1, 2012

  • Laura Vivanco has been writing about feminism and queer issues in romance novels.
  • Morgan M Page writes about the need to include HIV in discussions of trans persons’ access to health care.
  • French legislators have proposed a law that would eliminate the words mother and father from official documents, and attempt to establish complete gender neutrality.
  • A discussion of coming-out processes, with a focus on the straight spouses of queer folks.
  • When Reddit users attempted to shame a Sikh woman for her unshorn facial hair, no one expected the woman herself to appear in the thread and lay the smackdown on intolerance levelled at her gender presentation.
  • Media Action Média (MAM) is running a YouTube video contest in an attempt to diversify media representations of women beyond the status quo of thin, white, straight, cis, conventionally attractive anglophones.
  • Check out this heart-warming satirical story inspired by two of the most important figures in American Christianity: the oft-cited Adam and Steve.
  • Git (a software version control system) is hostile to the possibility of contributor name changes. This presents a real problem for individuals who wish to change their names, including trans software developers. It is illustrative of a common issue in programming.
  • Anthony Esolen, Professor of English at Providence College, has published an impassioned and highly-intellectual plea for decency (AKA “gays, please get back in the closet”); Box Turtle Bulletin, however, is not in the mood for his crap.
  • Two trans activists are on hunger strike in a San Diego prison, protesting the isolation inherent in automatic single-cell status for trans women.
  • “The hundreds of verses regarding wealth and poverty offer a wealth of potential clobber verses — all far clearer and far stricter than any of those six brief mentions of stuff-that-sounds-sorta-gay.” – Fred Clark on homosexuality and the Bible.


Chelsea Edgell: Communications & Promotions Coordinator



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