This week in queer web content // September 5, 2012

  • Check out this heartwarming story of a German father who changed up his wardrobe to support his gender non-conforming son.
  • A Taiwanese Christian lesbian wrote a powerful letter to her father and published it on her blog. A good portion of it has been translated into English.
  • [content note: homophobic violence] Rohin Guha laments the lack of media coverage surrounding the shooting of a young lesbian couple in Texas, and calls on people with influence to speak out.
  • Major League sports have been making more statements in support of gay athletes, but Queerty talks to some people who think it’ll be another 4-5 years before we see an openly gay major league athlete.
  • Anna Reid, MD, has become the first openly queer President of the Canadian Medical Association, according to The Advocate.
  • [content note: transphobia, suicide] A study conducted in Virginia has confirmed what many would consider obvious: being the target of anti-trans violence results in higher rates of suicidal ideation and substance abuse in trans persons.
  • A gay activist goes undercover at an anti-gay student conference.
  • Tim Chevalier has published an essay relating his experience with oppressive community dynamics at Mozilla.
  • New York Magazine ran an article profiling agender individuals (one of whom is also asexual); unfortunately the piece includes some problematic language, conflates nonbinary with agender identities, and places undue emphasis on surgical status.

This week’s roundup is a little sparse, due largely to our recent office move. If you have a link you’d like to see in the weekly roundup, don’t hesitate to share!

Chelsea Edgell: Communications & Promotions Coordinator


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