This week in queer web content // July 16, 2012

Every week I share a roundup of blog posts, articles, and news items that have caught my eye and may be of interest to the rest of the PTS community. If you have anything that you think I should read, please don’t hesitate to share!

  • CBC interviews a young trans woman about her experience being voted Prom Queen at her high school: “I have realized anything is possible. Being a transgender prom queen IS possible. Being happy IS possible. And acceptance for all is MORE than possible.”
  • [Content note: mention of suicide] Local Ottawa writer-educator-performer Nadine Thornhill published a moving piece about parenting, fear of loss, and supporting her son’s gender non-conformity.
  • The New York Times critiques the common social and scientific justifications given for sex policing in athletics, focussing on the Olympics: “You Say You’re a Woman? That Should Be Enough.
  • Fifty Shades of Ace features a month-long writing and introspection exercise called The 30 Day Asexuality Challenge.
  • [Content note: transphobic slurs, racism] TransGriot writes about some of the racism and transphobia directed at the Williams sisters after their victory at Wimbledon.
  • Justin Cascio shares his thoughts on hormone therapy as it played a part in his own transition story.
  • Salon provides more details on Google’s worldwide Legalize Love campaign.
  • [Content note: mental illness, questionably tasteful headline] Lynne Biesner reflects on Rachel Maddow’s depression and the life-affirming realization that her queer role models are every bit as human as anyone else: “We have to acknowledge that hope does not necessarily spring eternal.”
  • bill in California proposes allowing children to have more than two legally recognized parents, opening the door to legal recognition of different family structures.
  • [Content note: mono-normativity] Rachel McAdams writes about feeling rejected, as a bisexual woman, by queer communities when dating a man and by straight communities when dating a woman.
  • Cliff Pervocracy writes about identifying relationship “green flags”; that is to say, the opposite of red flags; early signs that a new partner is probably a good candidate for a healthy, mutually respectful relationship.

–Chelsea Edgell, Communications and Promotions Coordinator


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