PTS Workshops

PTS provides many educational workshops for schools, community groups, service providers and corporations. With our history of experience with sexual and gender diversity for over twenty-five years we provide a number of different workshops on a variety of queer topics. We are always open to doing specialty workshops however our current list includes:

Special Presentations

PTS is also open to giving special presentations on Queer issues. If you can think of it we could probably do it just give us a shout about what you are looking for.

Creating Safer Spaces

Creating Safer Workspaces

This workshop will discuss the issues of GLBT and queer inclusiveness. We will discuss how to make your organization welcoming to queer people, especially queer youth through the use of language and, safer space campaigns. The purpose is to dispel myths of queer people and discuss the real world challenges of making your organization an inclusive space for clients and staff.

Facing Bullying

This workshop designed for educators teaches educators about the realities of homophobic and transphobic bullying in their schools. It discusses how to identify queerphobia, address it and in future help prevent it. The goal is to empower educators to feel comfortable addressing queerphobic bullying in order to make their schools safer for rainbow youth. The goal is to make schools a safer space as well as ideally an inclusive space for all youth.

Making it Better

This workshop addresses how youth can address queerphobia in their schools. It will go into concrete ways to react when one experiences or sees another experiencing queerphobia. It also discusses initiatives and campaigns that can be put into place in one’s school.



At this workshop, we’ll be discussing the terminology in the world of transsexual and transgender identities and experiences through two approaches.  1:  we’ll show the difference between sex and gender and the many misconceptions of these terms through various interactive approaches such as: story-telling, group work and games; 2: we’ll be discussing how trans people navigate through medical and social services and how clarity of terminology can improve quality of services.

Throughout, there will be open dialogue from transsexual and transgender men and women on their experiences in life, the challenges they face and how they celebrate these

Queer Women’s Health & Sexuality

Mental Health and Queer Women

This workshop takes a look at mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse found in the queer community.  We examine statistics and try to decipher the reason behind them.  In addition to this, we will discuss ways to cope with such disorders.

Physical Health and Queer Women

This workshop will examine the physical health issues that women in the LBTTQ community face as well as the challenges of the lack of knowledge of medical professionals about sexual orientation and how to treat patients of sexual minority groups, and the importance of support systems.

Other Workshops

Poly & Relationship Styles

Ever wanted to understand how someone can love multiple people without cheating? Come check out the wild world of polyamory and other forms of relationship styles where people will have one, none or multiple romantic and/or sexual partners in a consensual manner. Its all about love baby and lots of it and, a little bit about sex too.


Patriarchy, misogyny, fascism, xenophobia, phalocentricity, heteronormativity… all super awesome words right? [And all super long]. But, seriously, what do all these concepts actually mean? How do they relate to each other and contribute to our oppression? Come discuss the perceived privileges of being a hetero, living in a hetero world – H E T E R O – O – O

To book a workshop email  HYPERLINK “” or call 613.563.4818.

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