What up, Ottawa?

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, one of the most diverse and tolerant countries in the world, and the city itself goes a long way in reflecting the country over which it governs. This is also evident in the makeup of Ottawa’s queer community—there are people in this city of every conceivable category of gender, sex, and sexual orientation, as well as those who reject labels and categories altogether. These people all come together to form a queer mosaic that is an integral factor in making Ottawa the city that it is today.

That’s why we’re here today.

We are PTS – A Centre for Ottawa’s Queer Community. Our mission: As a centre for the celebration of sexual orientation and gender diversity, PTS serves a vibrant and diverse community through support, education and advocacy services. We strive in our work to empower all Queer people in greater Ottawa and encourage their well-being and prosperity.We want to keep you up to date on all the cool things happening in Ottawa’s queer scene, as well as call out anyone who is doing the community a disservice. We here at PTS have a zero-tolerance policy for bullshit, and if anything is happening that will affect queer people in the Ottawa area, we’re here to let you know about it.

Not to mention random hilarity and occasional book reviews.

We want you, the readers, to get involved too. User-generated content is always welcome. If it’s queer-related and Ottawa related, our fabulous copy-editors will consider it. Submissions, along with questions, comments, concerns and complaints, can all be directed to our e-mail address (queerism@ptsottawa.org) our Facebook (facebook.com/PTSOttawa) and our brand new Twitter hashtag (#queerismOtt). We highly encourage you to get involved, because the more eyes and ears that we have in the city, the more effective this blog will be.

–Riley Evans, head writer/moderator of Queerism


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